If you are a professional surfer, you might agree it’s hard to create a short list of only five things to pack when you decide to go surfing. While the time you spend on the board gets long, the list will grow. But, for beginners, it is always good to read about the essential things you should have for your first adventure.

Classifying only five things is not an easy job because people have different attitudes about the necessary items to have. However, although some facts we can’t underestimate, we will try to make a short and significant effort in our quest to bring you a thorough list.

Take Care of Your Surfboard

Whenever we hear about those must have things when going surfing, there is only one we all agree to be deemed necessary. Don’t forget your surfboard. Logical, isn’t it? You cannot practice a sport if you don’t have the main gear for it.

The waves sometimes act like we predict, but in some moments the sea is full of surprises. If you bring only one surfboard, and the weather is not what the forecast predicted, you might experience unwanted problems.

Many surfers, with lots of experience, know that the right surfboard is the most important part of their equipment. Thus, don’t be surprised if you see some guys walking around with a few different surfboards at any given time. No, they are not uninformed, they just know the weather can change at any moments notice, so they will use the one which fits best. They only have spare surfboards to use when they need them.

On the other side, surfers who travel have an immense knowledge about where to rent the equipment.

It is up to you to decide which solution is better, but one is certain – no surfboard, no surfing.

Don’t Slip down the Board

Nobody wants to slip off the board in the middle of the sea. Okay, what happens when you can’t avoid a big wave that’ll literally throw you down. But, some surfers that are at new at the beginning fall every few minutes.

Why does this happen?

The answer is simple – they forget to put a surf wax. Although this item might not look important, the truth is the opposite. Without it, your feet will be unstable on the board and even small water movement can make you finish down.

Some users apply surf wax on the big part of the board, while there are some that cover the complete area. The only thing one should think about before an application is the weather. This is what you need to check before buying:

• Traditional, hard surf wax is the one which you can use during hot weather and days with a lot of sun
• Soft wax is one of the newer products out and it stands for an alternative to the hard option which doesn’t give good results in the moments of cold weather. Soft variant works perfectly even with cold temperatures.

Some surfers even use a base-coat wax before they apply the wax over their boards. This is also a good solution which is worth a try.

Cheap, but Necessary Fin Keys

With almost every surfboard you will get a set of fin keys. But, would that be enough to have a high-quality experience on the waves? Probably not, and here we will try to explain why we think that.

Thanks to small keys you will be able to tune your board and its performance. If you stay without the usable kit, you might experience some technical difficulties.

There are two main types of fin keys and these are as follows:

• Glassed-in fins stand secure as part of your surfboard, but they are not easy for maintenance and fast repairs
• Swappable or so-called removable fins don’t necessarily stand directly on the board and one can easily move them into the boxes. The only thing you should pay attention to here is if the screws are tight enough, but not too much

As we mentioned in boxes in an earlier section, we can mention there are also different types available as follows:

• FCS Fin boxes which are known as Fin Control System Boxes, are common in use among many surfers
• Futures fin boxes which have a truss base and are connected to your board with screws. They cover the full length of your board.

First Aid Kit Is Always Necessary

All travelers should have at least a basic first aid kit with themselves. But, when we speak about surfers, it is hard to say they only need a basic kit. Maybe, we can classify a few things in this category and consider it to one unique point. This package could include:

• The real first aid kit – you will need one in case you get reef cuts. It is not rare to get these cuts when you are somewhere over the reefs and thus is better to be prepared because of the strong poison. The wounds should be cleaned fast and precise, soon as you come out of the sea. Make sure to visit a doctor as soon as you can.
• Sun protection – this is not a part of a normal first aid kit. But, those who spend time in the sun should always have this like precaution from the sunburns. It is better to prevent, then to heal. Besides, the UV index is not something one should play with nowadays.
• Insect repellent – it is always good to have one against those pesky bites because they can also create wounds if you irritate your skin too much.

Last but Not the Least

In the end, we will say one should always have money and identification documents. This point might be the most important thing to have because if you have money, you can buy everything we already mentioned above. 

On the other side, depending on where you travel, always bring your passport or ID card. Although this sounds funny, there are many tourists that start a trip without documents and somewhere on the half-way remember they forgot them. You don’t want to be in a similar situation?

In Conclusion

Surfing is fun, but still a very demanding sport. Besides all those things we mentioned that is important to bring with you, there are many others which deserve to find a place in your backpack.

What we would like to emphasize in these last lines of our writing is one very good habit which all travelers should adopt. The same stands for surfers. Try to make a checklist that will cover all the things you might need. While you pack your things, check one by one to be sure everything is in order. This will save you time and help you avoid any trouble.

The good thing is that the list can be changed after each journey and you can add or exclude some items based on your likings. Once you go for it, you will see how easy everything can be and your holiday can turn into a really great time.