Meet Our Brands

Revv Lifestyle

When people hear New York, the first thing that comes to mind is the thriving metropolis known as NYC, aka the city of dreams – but if you travel a short 15 miles away, you’ll find yourself in the beautiful Long Bach, aka the home of Revv Lifestyle sunglasses. Revv sunglasses are designed for everyone – the surfer, the boarder, the chick, the dude, the little man, and everyone in between. What makes these shades so unique? Their perfect blend of city class and LBNY style – making it the perfect pair of glasses of dreamers of both worlds.

Hippy Tree

We’ve all heard the saying those who wander are not lost, but there’s some of us who live by it. If you’re the latter of the two, Hippy Tree is the brand for you. Based out of California and doting the slogan designed for aimless wanderers, Hippy Tree is a men’s lifestyle brand with accessories ranging from hats, wallets and bags to clothing like boardshorts, flannels and jackets – all sure to keep you looking fresh from season to season in the highest quality materials on the market.

Ocean Spirit

Founded by twin sisters and Long Island, NY natives, Sam and Emily Febrizio, Ocean Spirit USA was born out of the idea of philanthropy – or as the Febrizio sisters describe it, something larger than themselves. The local NY brand provides beach loving men and women alike with clothing and accessories that give back to their community, as all products are sustainable and with each purchase 5% of profits are donated to operation SPLASH.


Have you ever found yourself at the top of the mountain on a blue bird day, or on the beach when the sunset is just right, and you want to capture the moment on your iPhone but… it’s dead! Well, MPOWERD has the solution for that with its compact, solar powered phone chargers and mini lamps – which mean it’s perfect for the dark nights, too. Located in Brooklyn, MPOWERD provides outdoor enthusiasts with a light and power resource that is lightweight, bright, and our favorite part: filled with clean energy.

SheShreds Co.

If you’re a chick who shreds, SheShreds is for you. Based out of Park City, UT, SheShreds is more than just a clothing and accessories brand for female boarders – both surf and snow – it’s a movement. With a team of ambassadors across the country, SheShred’s mission is to support girls of fall ages who ride within their boarding community, and making sure they feel good while doing it.

California Surf Company

Nothing says surf like Malibu, and that’s why nothing is better for surfers than California Surf Co. Founded on the Pacific Coast by boarding aficionado Mark Stansbury, California Surf Co. was born out the idea that surfers everywhere needed a relatable brand that was focused on the consumer rather than its competition and meeting their sales quotas. Made by a surfer, for the surfer – if family, friends, and waves are everything to you, then look no further than California Surf Company.


*Throws goggles in backpack without a case after a day on the mountains* – amirite? We’ve all been there, and probably haven’t been too happy without the outcome. That’s where Gogglesoc comes into play. It’s the first ever accessory that protects your goggles whether they’re on your helmet, in your backpack, or in the bed of your truck. Made of soft protecting microfiber, Gogglesoc is a convenient way to protect your specs while they’re not in use – and there’s 20+ designs for every personality. (Fun fact: our co-founder Gina shreds with the GuacSoc).

Ski Balm

Picture this: you wake up in Vail after a night of snowing, and it’s a blue bird day with fourteen inches of fresh powder on the ground. You hit the slopes and shred for a day of shredding. It’s time for après-ski, you take off your goggles, and you’re the only one with no trace of windburn – all thanks to Ski Balm. A Colorado based brand, Ski Balm was created by a ski bum for your ski bum and is designed to protect your skin and lips from the wind and the sun – and the best part? It’s waterproof (you know, just in case you find yourself face down in the snow at some point during the day).  

Sand Cloud

What causes are you passionate about? Do you want to save the sea turtles? Or, do you want to keep the beaches and water clean for all animals? Would to like to save all marine life? Or, do you prefer to get involved locally – maybe in Hawaii or San Diego? If this all holds a little piece of your heart, then you should probably be drenched in Sand Cloud. Donating 10% of all profits across various non-profits, Sand Cloud’s mission is help preserve marine life, and keep you looking cute while doing so. The brand me most notable for their oversized beach blankets which were featured on Shark Tank, but they also provide an array of other products, including shirts, leggings, socks, and drinking accessories, too! 

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