There are always trends going on, whether it’s in music, food, graphic design, fashion, etc. When it comes to sports, we notice there are strong influences from different brands to get more space and promote themselves through sports equipment.

Surfing might not be the best option for promotion all around the world, but it definitely has its own area of interest.

How to Follow Trends

The best way to follow the trends of one industry is to follow what’s happening all around the world. But, is there a way to accomplish that goal without the need to go from one city or the sea to another?

If we exclude collecting information on the Internet, the best way to get all necessary information is to visit international surfing trade shows and find out everything one should know about trends. The biggest fairs follow:

  • Surf Expo – the biggest international surfing trade show in the world takes place in Orlando, Florida. This exhibition has been around for more than 40 years.
  • The Action Expo – takes place in Northfield and has more than 300 brands in one place.
  • The Boardroom – this trade show is a fantastic place for California fans because it takes place in Del Mar. This is the place where surfboard creators are taking place.
  • Japan is giving away its best through Agenda Tokyo, the most important surfing trade show in Asia.
  • Germany also has a high-quality organization when it comes to surfing, so one of the biggest trade shows here is probably Boot Dusseldorf. As one of the biggest exhibitions in Europe, this place is always ready to host more than 1500 exhibitors from different countries.
  • The United Kingdom is promoting new trends of surfing at the National Watersports Festivals. This show is hosted on Hayling Island and there you can enjoy the presentation of more than 30 brands in the world.

These are only some trade shows you can visit, but it doesn’t mean others are less important. Through these channels, you can find the trends for the current year and get new information. But, if you are not in a mood to travel, we will help you with some additional information.

What Are the Newest Products in the Branch?

All gear and surf apparel producers are trying to present something new. Famous brands create new innovations from season to season. Here we will list some of those new things that might become a real hit in 2018. They are designed to be different and give something more to the users, and we should pay attention to the following:

  • New models of surfboards created from the Weber family
  • Carver Electric Surfboard made by Carver is a trending product as a battery-powered surfboard that will give you around 40 minutes of fun on the water
  • Camping can be a real enjoyment in 2018 with new coolers from the Otterbox Venture. With this product, there will be no more problems with food and drink storage while staying outside, even for a full 2 weeks
  • Music lovers will enjoy with new Drifter Android speaker from FresheTech. This waterproof device can bring you more than 8 hours of music experience directly on the water while you are surfing
  • Trending sunglasses are coming from Rheos Eddies. You will need sunglasses even if they are not the hottest brand because they are a must-have for UV protection. Rheos will offer you a floating edition, which is scratch resistant, very light and comfortable to use.

Just like the gear is important, apparel is something that defines a style of a surfer. Both guys and girls are recognizable on the beach, so the trends in this area are very important if you want to be stylish. There are some innovations from well-known brands which came on the scene in 2018 and these are:

  • Spring edition of menswear which Louis Vuitton presented at the beginning of 2018
  • Color-blocked wetsuits are coming in a new form from Demna Gvasalia for 2018, as they are practical and stylish
  • There are many top-quoted fashion pieces which Rihanna dropped out for Fenty Puma at the end of the last season, and they are threading to become a real hit for the new season. Through these series, she promoted new bikini tops for girls, zipper-adorned sporty wear and many other models.

Top Surfing Brands

Although surfing brands are not always the same as fashion brands we know in everyday life, all surfers are familiar with famous names around the globe. There are many influences on this industry, so we will try to mention only the biggest players.

Of course, that doesn’t mean others are less important on the market. Here is a list of great names which surfers like to see on their apparel and gear:

  • Rip Curl – this is a privately-owned company that is Ultimate surfing oriented. It exists since 1969 and during the life-cycle, this brand became one of the most wanted among surfers.
  • Quiksilver – this brand offers both apparel and gear of top quality. They use durable materials and are known for the high performance of all their products.
  • Billabong – this producer is basically oriented on apparel, so they are suppliers of clothing retails. Besides that, they make interesting and trendy like accessories, like backpacks, surfing watches and similar.
  • Volcom – a company that produces other sports equipment beside surfing items. Here one can find the newest models of apparel, but also footwear for sports activities.
  • Hurley – this is an innovative company that takes care of young surfers and their needs. Thus, they constantly improve their products and try to keep up with all the other big players on the market.

These are only some brands which are known by many, but we should use this opportunity to mention others as well including but not limited to RVCA, O’Neill, Vans, Reef, Roxy, Nixon, Channel Islands Surfboards, Critical Slide Society, Dakine, and Patagonia.

Fantastic Destinations Which Surfers Should Visit in 2018

It is not easy to predict places surfers will visit during 2018, but for those who are willing to accept the advice according to the opinion of their sports mates, the following destinations might be a top-notch choice:

  • The Atlantic coastline of Portugal which includes Madeira archipelagos and Azores, together with continental Portugal
  • The coast of Northern Spain in Basque, together with the Iberian Peninsula might be the best place for surfers in Spain
  • Costa Rica is a fantastic choice both for beginners and professionals. If you are keen to visit this country, don’t forget to catch the wave on the Caribbean Coast, as well as the Pacific Coast from almost every side
  • If you are looking for the yearly program with many sunny days, Nicaragua is standing at your disposal. One could have a great time at Playas Maderas, Hermosa or Remanzo. Besides these places, you may also want to visit Colorado, Popovo, Panga Drops or Lance’s Left.
  • The famous Bali in Indonesia is definitely a good choice. Don’t forget to check different beaches like Kuta, Dreamland or Medewi for beginners, while Bingin, Padang Padang, or Uluwatu are a good choice for the more skilled ones.
  • France can offer an enjoyable surfing experience if you catch your wave in Britanny or Lacanau. Hossegor and La Graviere are also beautiful choices.
  • The beautiful Maldives might be one of the best destinations for surfing, as there are many coral islands around, 1,192 of them to be exact. Surfers know that the best areas are Central Atolls, Male Atolls, and South Atolls.
  • The Eastern part of the Earth, Thailand, offers extraordinary views. Phuket is a great place to visit, as it has more than 25 beaches that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding tourists.

Final Verdict

These were only some trends for this year’s surfing guide. It all comes down to personal choices. What you wear, eat, and visit for surfing is solely up to you.