How To Choose The Right Surfboard For Catching Those Waves

Catching those waves requires a little knowledge, training, practice, patience and the right surfboard. Selecting a surfboard isn’t just about style, and there is not one size or type of board that fits every person. Your surfing abilities are even part of the equation. Are you a beginner? Use this checklist as you learn more about how to choose the right surfboard.

Surfboard volume and length are especially important to consider if you’re a beginner. More advanced surfers soon learn to start downsizing in terms of the length and volume of a board. In fact, advanced surfers sometimes even have more than one board, as it also depends on the types of waves you’re going to be catching. As a beginner, you’re certainly not going to want to be searching for tsunamis.

Most importantly, you’re wanting a board that you feel comfortable using. Not only do the board’s thickness, width and length need to match your abilities and the waves you want to catch, but your body size must be taken into account as well. Do you have any friends that are surfers? Experts suggest trying out a few of the boards your friends are using can help you choose the right surfboard that’s comfortable for you.

Length, width and thickness is important, but volume is everything according to the experts. Surfboards are made of different materials, too. When surfing first became a sport, the boards were made of wood. Lighter balsa wood was subsequently used vs hardwood, and then came fiberglass and foam. Many experts will say foam is your friend, but there has been a movement that is popularizing wooden surfboards yet again.

Think in terms of how environmentally conscious people are these days. That’s certainly a good thing, but fiberglass and foam boards are still the most popular. The volume of the board based on your abilities is the first key step to choosing the right surfboard. You can look at a volume chart, and you’re going to have to find what’s comfortable for you.

The length of the board is the next step. At that point, if you’re not finding exactly what you want, you can always get a custom surfboard designed just for you. This allows you freedom of design in terms of the artwork, too. Just remember to choose the design features based on your abilities. If you go with a high performance design, you’re simply going to struggle catching those waves.

You want to have a lot of fun out there catching those waves. That absolutely requires first of all that you have the board that is right for you. You could say that choosing the best surfboard for you individually is the most important first step to surfing those waves. After all, you need a board to get out there in the water anyway.

After looking closely at the specs and choosing the best type of board based on your ability, get what makes you happy. That’s why so many surfers purchase custom surfboards. In terms of design, they get to choose the specs, and they get to choose the colors and artwork, too.


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