Skiing vs Snowboarding vs Surfing (Which Is Right For You!)

Skiing vs Snowboarding vs Surfing (Which Is Right For You!)

Skiing vs Snowboarding vs Surfing

Sometimes, it is hard to choose which sport is the best for you. But, that is not an unusual problem among sports lovers. There are many people who would like to try something new and enjoy the fruit of their efforts, but they are not sure how to decide between different yet similar types of hobbies.

Heaving some lines about each might be a very helpful solution for those in need. Here we will try to explain the main point of skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. We will explain what a new sports member might need for training, but also some good, and bad sides for these categories.

What Are the Main Things One May Need for Skiing?

Just like with other specific sports, skiing is the one which makes you hire a coach. It is not good to train by yourself because there are some rules to adopt and it is recommended having somebody with a lot of experience besides you once you want to make the first steps on the skies.

The equipment you should have for a skiing adventure is not simple, so take into the consideration the following items:

• Skis – this is the main part of your equipment because without them there is no chance even to start
• Boots – believe it or not, there are special boots one should have for this sport. There are different types one can use, but if you are a beginner just look for the basic model
• Poles – it is possible to need them at some later stage, while in the beginning there are not standing like an imperative.
• Helmet – don’t forget to protect your head because you never know if you will fall. Besides, they will keep your ears and head warm.
• Goggles – these precious small part of your skiing equipment has a double role. It protects you both from snow and wind at one side, but also from the sun on the other side.

Clothes you use while skiing should be of comfortable materials with high performance. Although we mostly think that cotton is the best choice all the time, that is not the case when you are selecting your favorite pieces for skiing. Materials should be lightweight, but warm. These are some items you might need on your first day:

• Base clothing layer, both for your top or bottom.
• Sweaters – those which are light and specially made for skiing. They are like a mid layer part.
• Socks have to be long and flexible
• Pants are wanted as a waterproof part of your suit
• Jackets should be of a high quality and nice fitting, as they might limit your moves
• Gloves are always necessary, at least one pair of them
• Neck gaiters are last part, but they are equally important for your neck protection

The Main Points About Snowboarding

Snowboarding is also one attractive sport which can give you pleasure but also can cause injuries if you are not careful. Due to specific movements and dangerous rides, you should also have some basic and protective equipment. The following items are more than necessary:

• Snowboard – of course, one cannot even imagine this sport without the main part of the equipment. The base of the board can be extruded or sintered. The board itself can be of a different type, like freestyle made, freeride board or alpine variant of the board.
• Snowboarding boots are very important for snowboarders. One can make their own choice between standard, step-in or hard boots. It is important to emphasize that hard boots are used for alpine snowboarding, while in other cases it is better to have plastic boots as the soft solution.
• Bindings – these parts are something that you can stick to a snowboard and thus help to keep the boots connected to it exactly at the right part. The users also have a wide choice of bindings and there are different types, such as a strap, step-in, and hybrid bindings.

The Miracle of Surfing

Just like before mentioned sports, surfing has its own place in this world. While skiing and snowboarding are sports on the snow, surfing is strongly connected to water, so it is easy for you to decide in which direction to move.

If you are one of those with a passion for the water sports, get ready to take a look over surfing equipment which you might need for your first class. It is important to have the following things:

• Surfboard, as the first and the most important part, which is essential for every surfer
• Wetsuit – this one is necessary due to wet weather. But, it has to be flexible and comfortable to use because you should be able to move in the water.
• A surfboard leash is extremely important for beginners because it helps surfers to stay on board, even when the wind is strong and the waves are unpredictable.
• Surf wax – a type of cover which helps surfers to stay on the board and avoid slipping off it.

While these are the main elements which you have to take with you for your surfing day, it is good to have some additional parts, such as fins, earplugs, boots, gloves, plugs, surf watch, camera, and anything else you might think will be useful on the beach.

Good and Bad Sides of All Sports

Although now you know what is necessary to have for each sport, it might be good to mention at least some good and bad sides which might have an influence on your further decision.

The pros of skiing are:

• It is not hard to learn this discipline
• The risk of injuries isn’t bad, at least according to statistical data. The highest risk is to get into a collision with other skiers and the most common are injuries of the knees or ankles
• You might move up with the lift easily because skiers always go in the same direction
• If you like snow, you will enjoy

On the other side, the cons are:

• You have to admit only slight mountains will be your choice until you are really ready to go on the big boys
• Once you learn it, you will have to pass the heavy task to master it

Snowboarding might offer you:

• Harder first steps, but faster learning and mastering the sport
• Easier handling of pain which comes after the training as you will use both legs at the same time
• The snowy mountains might be your perfect rescue

The bad sides of it are as follows:

• Your legs must stay fixed, so you cannot move one after another
• There is a bit higher level of risk for injuries, and the riskiest include tail bones or hard falls on your hands.
• It is always hard to jump on the lift system because you will have to switch from the riding side to the opposite direction

Surfing might delight you with the following:

• The high-intensity workout will make you feel better after every training
• One can enjoy in the water and waves during the ride
• It will make you have a wider approach to everything that surrounded you

Disadvantages include:

• There is a risk of getting seriously injured if you slip from the board
• Although rare, some surfers meet the sharks
• Surfing is not a cheap sport, and money is sometimes a big problem
• You will spend a lot of time in the sun, under the UV rays

The Final Opinion

Every sport from those we mentioned is a great choice. The only thing you should do is chose which one is the best for you and makes you happy.