Ski Trip Packing List

Ski Trip Packing List

Ski Trip Packing List

Skiing is one of the best winter activities that you can do.  The beautiful snow, trees, and hot toddies, along with that thrill of adrenaline that you get when skiing down the slows with the sun shining down on you, cannot be beat.

In order to get the most out of your next ski trip, you will want to be as prepared as possible, so we have come up with the following ski trip packing list which will help to ensure that you take along all of the important ski essentials that you will need.


Snowboard and Ski Equipment

Sometimes it might not be practical to take your ski equipment with you.  So if you are going to be traveling, be sure to shop around online to find the best rental deal on snowboard or ski equipment.  If you will be taking your own, here are the essentials that you will need for your ski trip packing list:

  • Skis: Depending on your preferences and needs choose from cross country, downhill, twin tip, powder, or all Mountain skis.
  • Ski Poles: These will probably come with your skis.
  • Bindings and Snowboard: Ride whatever you like the best.  From rocker to flat camber or traditional camber to alpine or freestyle.  Or if you aren’t sure, opt for all mountain.
  • Snowboard or Ski Boots – Make sure to have comfortable ones.
  • Board or Ski Bag: Although you might ski you might want to take a snowboard bag when you are traveling since you can fill all of your ski gear inside including your boots, skis, poles and ski clothing. By contrast, a ski bag is skinny and doesn’t have any padding or room for any extras.
  • Helmet: This is a critical piece of equipment since it protects your skull.

Ski Clothes

  • Waterproof Ski Jacket: If you are flying wear this on the plane to save space inside of your bag.
  • Board Pants/Ski Pants
  • Thermal Pants and Top
  • T-Shirt or Mid Layer Shirt
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Neck Warmer
  • Beanie: These work well to cover your helmet hair when you are taking a ski break.
  • Ski Socks: Take several pairs


Ski Accessories

  • Snowboard or Ski Gloves: Be sure they are warm and waterproof.  You don’t want to have wet, cold hands while out on the slopes.
  • Inner Gloves or Glove Liners: Having an extra layer underneath your gloves will allow you to take your gloves off to adjust your boots and other things.
  • Ski Goggles
  • Sunglasses
  • Earmuffs or Headband
  • Hand Warmers
  • Sun Cream: You need to protect whatever parts of your face are exposed to the wind and sun.
  • Lip Balm: While skiing your lips will get exposed to the wind and sun.  So take lip balm with you to keep your lips hydrated.

Clothes For Off The Slopes

  • Jeans or Warm Pants
  • Warm Tops or Sweaters
  • Outdoor Coat or Jacket
  • Waterproof or Snow Boots: Make sure that they have a good grip.
  • Regular gloves
  • Socks and Underwear
  • Pajamas and Slippers

So there you have it.  Be sure to use this ski trip packing list to help you plan your next vacation.


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Four Ski Towns With an Unforgettable Aprés-Ski Scene

Four Ski Towns With an Unforgettable Aprés-Ski Scene

Four Ski Towns With an Unforgettable Aprés-Ski Scene

Just because spring skiing is almost over doesn’t mean that you still can’t hit the slopes, and you know what that means – aprés-ski season is far from over!

If you’re planning on heading to the mountain to close out the ski and board season, what better way to unwind after a long day on the slopes than by having fun nearby with the help of some locals and snow lovers alike. America is home to some of the finest aprés-ski towns on the planet and it’s time for you to take advantage!

Here’s a look at our top options according to skiing enthusiasts.

Killington, VT


Let’s start with one of the most expansive and fun-filled, aprés-ski towns in the U.S. right now – and an underrated one at that.

Killington is also referred to as the “Beast of the East” and for good reason. It starts with the unbelievable 1,200-acre resort and ends with unrelenting parties that go deep into the night because of the nearby university.

Students tend to come down to the mountains and have the time of their life as the sun sets. It can be quite the scene and it is one of the reasons Killington has become such a popular option for skiing enthusiasts.

You’re able to pop over to Wobbly Barn or the Pickle Barrel, which are the top bars in the area and tend to fill up quickly with skiers and locals alike. With the Pickle Barrel, you’re looking at a massive location that has a stage, multiple levels, and an abundance of space to work with while you party the night away. Some love to go over to Casey’s Caboose for a good ol’ round of buffalo wings, too.

Park City, UT


If you have been to or heard of Park City, you know that it is the quintessential ski town. With a variety of mountains including Park City, Deer Valley, and Alta all within a few miles of one another, and expert terrain at Snowbird just a few hours away, it comes as little surprise that this comes in at number two on our list.

As Main Street is bustling with aprés-skiers around after a day on the slopes, you’ll be sure to find everything you’re looking for here: great music, stiff drinks, and savory food.

To start our list on Main Street is No Name Saloon. Right in the center of town, this bar is known for being a favorite among both tourists and locals. If you catch Park City on an unseasonably warm or spring skiing day, be sure to check out the roof deck at No Name for mountain views with your bloody mary and BBQ wings. If you music is a must for your aprés adventures, look no further than Rock & Reilly’s, another Main Street staple.

If skiing straight into the bar is more your scene, head straight to High West Distillery. Conveniently located next to the Town Lift, High West Distillery is the only ski up bar in the world. Since this was the first legal distillery post-prohibition, be sure to check a whiskey and rye off your list here.

Rest assured, no matter where you end up in Park City, you are bound to have the aprés-ski of a lifetime!

Aspen, CO


Aspen has to be on the list because it’s one of the top aprés-ski towns on the planet.

This is a location that’s home to luxury, quality, and everything in-between. If you are someone that wants to mingle with celebrities, X-games stars, and other famous people, then you’re going to have the time of your life in this notorious ski town.

As you walk around, you’re going to noticed how packed it is with bars, restaurants, and various other locations catered to your needs. The options are aplenty and that’s why people love rushing over to Aspen as soon as possible.

While you’re going to be paying a premium to spend time in Aspen, it’s well worth it according to those who do come to visit on an annual basis. Some never want to leave!


Tahoe South, CA/NV


Ever wondered what it would feel like if a ski town became like Vegas? Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer!

Tahoe South is all of that and more, which is why it makes this list without a lot of trouble. Tahoe South is wonderful because it’s known for its big casinos, bars, and restaurants that are sprawled across the area. You’re able to enjoy over 4,800 acres of skiable terrain and that’s something most people want to lap up as soon as they arrive. Along with the terrain, you’re also going to fall in love with the wide array of lounges.

If you’re thinking about going to sleep then that’s not happening in Tahoe South. You will be too busy having the time of your life instead!


So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and plan that last minute ski trip before the 2018 season is over. We’ll have your drink ready at the bar.

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Five Favorite Ski/Snowboarding Resorts In The U.S.

Five Favorite Ski/Snowboarding Resorts In The U.S.

Five Of Our Favorite Ski/Snowboarding

Resorts In The U.S. 

If you love skiing and snowboarding it means that you are a person that loves thrills. The best thing about both of these sports is the fact that they are done in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. The United States has a wealth of destinations for you to enjoy these sports. If you are looking for the best place to hit the snow, here are five of our favorite ski/snowboarding resorts in the United States.

Telluride, Colorado


Telluride offers a balanced range of routes, which makes it a great destination for skiers and snowboarders of different abilities. The treeless bowl is another attractive terrain features for the people that visit this resort. Telluride is a historic town that’s home to the first bank to be robbed by Butch Cassidy. The mountain village where most skiers stay was designed to meet their needs, which means that it is easy to get around on your skis.

Whiteface Lake Placid, New York


Whiteface Lake Placid is a resort that has a range of trails for different skiing abilities. Experts will have the opportunity to ski the highest vertical drop on the United States East Coast. During your visit to the resort, you will find plenty of other winter sports that you can enjoy. The lovely lakes make it the perfect destination for hiking if you love doing this and there’s plenty of restaurants, bars, and a wide range of accommodation here too.

Sun Valley, Idaho


There are a lot of great ski resorts in the United States, but none can match Sun Valley’s rich winter sports history.  This resort as the U.S’ first destination ski resort, with the world’s first chairlifts, where the very idea of the American ski vacation was born.  If you love to ski, you will find a wonderful range of slopes, with amazing snowmaking options as well as the proper equipment to ensure well-maintained ski slopes. It is an upmarket and luxurious resort and offers amazing food and drink as well as plenty of accommodation that is guaranteed to ensure a comfortable stay.

Vail, Colorado


Vail is one of the longest established snowboarding and ski resorts in the United States. It is modeled on the Bavarian mountain ranges found in the European highlands, which gives it an amazing atmosphere. Vail has an impressive range of trails that number 193 and you have 7 official skiing bowls that you can enjoy. If you are a snowboarder looking to hone your skills and/or show off your skills, you will love the Super Pipe.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Jackson Hole recently celebrated 50 years since it first opened as a ski resort. It is still going strong as a popular destination for snowboarding and skiing. The resort is famous for its god level of snowfall each year as well as its challenging terrain. A new fast ski lift has recently been installed and has made a big difference by making it become one of the most popular snowboarding and skiing destinations in the United States.

The Bottom Line

If you have been wondering which skiing/snowboarding destination to try out next, now you have five impressive options to choose from. Each of the destinations discussed here is amazing in its own right and it is up to you to choose the one you find most suitable.   

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