How To Choose The Right Surfboard

How To Choose The Right Surfboard

How To Choose The Right Surfboard For Catching Those Waves

Catching those waves requires a little knowledge, training, practice, patience and the right surfboard. Selecting a surfboard isn’t just about style, and there is not one size or type of board that fits every person. Your surfing abilities are even part of the equation. Are you a beginner? Use this checklist as you learn more about how to choose the right surfboard.

Surfboard volume and length are especially important to consider if you’re a beginner. More advanced surfers soon learn to start downsizing in terms of the length and volume of a board. In fact, advanced surfers sometimes even have more than one board, as it also depends on the types of waves you’re going to be catching. As a beginner, you’re certainly not going to want to be searching for tsunamis.

Most importantly, you’re wanting a board that you feel comfortable using. Not only do the board’s thickness, width and length need to match your abilities and the waves you want to catch, but your body size must be taken into account as well. Do you have any friends that are surfers? Experts suggest trying out a few of the boards your friends are using can help you choose the right surfboard that’s comfortable for you.

Length, width and thickness is important, but volume is everything according to the experts. Surfboards are made of different materials, too. When surfing first became a sport, the boards were made of wood. Lighter balsa wood was subsequently used vs hardwood, and then came fiberglass and foam. Many experts will say foam is your friend, but there has been a movement that is popularizing wooden surfboards yet again.

Think in terms of how environmentally conscious people are these days. That’s certainly a good thing, but fiberglass and foam boards are still the most popular. The volume of the board based on your abilities is the first key step to choosing the right surfboard. You can look at a volume chart, and you’re going to have to find what’s comfortable for you.

The length of the board is the next step. At that point, if you’re not finding exactly what you want, you can always get a custom surfboard designed just for you. This allows you freedom of design in terms of the artwork, too. Just remember to choose the design features based on your abilities. If you go with a high performance design, you’re simply going to struggle catching those waves.

You want to have a lot of fun out there catching those waves. That absolutely requires first of all that you have the board that is right for you. You could say that choosing the best surfboard for you individually is the most important first step to surfing those waves. After all, you need a board to get out there in the water anyway.

After looking closely at the specs and choosing the best type of board based on your ability, get what makes you happy. That’s why so many surfers purchase custom surfboards. In terms of design, they get to choose the specs, and they get to choose the colors and artwork, too.


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Best Surf Towns in The U.S.

Best Surf Towns in The U.S.

Best Surf Towns In The U.S.

From the west coast to the east coast and away from the mainland in Hawaii, there are many great surfing spots throughout the country.

Are you ready to hit the waves?

Each of the top destinations bring something a little different to the table. Some are better known for waves and conditions that cater to more advanced surfers, while others are good for beginners, too.

Here are some of the best surf towns in the U.S.

New Smyrna Beach, CA

Would you have guessed that one of the best surf towns was along the Florida coastline? New Smyrna Beach features Smyrna Inlet, the best spot for wave riders in the sunshine state and one of the best surfing locations along the east coast. You might have thought Daytona Beach or some other spot in Florida would have made the list vs New Smyrna Beach, but just ask the pros. They will tell you that Smyrna Inlet is where it’s at for sure. You might even meet some surfing stars traveling the east coast.

Malibu, CA

 Now it’s time to head to the west coast and the beautiful state of California. Can you guess the spot? It’s Malibu CA, or ‘The Blu’ as it is known by the surfing locals. You’re primarily headed to Surfrider Beach for the best spot, as well as both the Big & Little Dume. The culture of Malibu sets quite the scene, and believe it or not, the area has a small town feel. It’s not LA; instead, it’s a surfer’s paradise.

Paia, HI

 You knew Hawaii was going to be mentioned sooner than later. The next spot is Paia HI, which is nearby Honolulu. The best surfing spot in Paia is Ho’okipa, and by the way, the average water temperature there is a nice 76 degrees. Head on over to Maui’s north shore, and see why all the surfers say that Paia is a must visit spot for wave riding.


Haleiwa & Turtle Bay, HI

The next surf town is also in Hawaii. You are off to Haleiwa and Turtle Bay. One of the things you will realize about all the surfing spots mentioned is that they aren’t just the best surf towns in the U.S. but some of the best in the world. Haleiwa is a surfer’s paradise that is away from all the hustle and bustle. All the great surfers know about this place.


Santa Cruz, CA

For the last spot, you are headed back to California. What city is it going to be? It’s Santa Cruz, and you may have heard of Pleasure Point. You may also have heard of Steamer Lane and Wadell Creek. Those are the three major spots to hit in Santa Cruz for riding the waves. The water is a little colder there, but it’s still one of the best surfing spots in the country.


So what do you think about some of the best surf towns in the US? There are others, but these are definitely some of the favorites. Pick a spot from this list, and head off to catch some waves on vacation. At any one of the locations mentioned, you might just meet some professional surfers that you know!

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Surfing Tips for Beginners

Surfing Tips for Beginners

 Surfing Tips For Beginners

Have you ever wanted to start surfing? You’re in luck. It’s never too late in life, but it’s also never too early either! As long as you have someplace to actually do it, you should take advantage of this and explore your curiosity surrounding this potential passion. Surfing enjoys tremendous popularity, and for good reason. It’s a fun way to stay healthy and active, and you get to enjoy the great outdoors while doing it, taking in both sun and water. Having said that, you can’t just grab a board, hop into the water, and then start ripping it up with these surfing tips for beginners.

Keep reading to learn some of the best surfing tips for beginners that you should use so you can get going down the best possible path, hopefully paving the way to a lifelong pursuit of sun and fun!

Use A Soft-Topped Board


Are you familiar with Wavestorm surfboards? Did you know they’re the planet’s best-selling boards? They’ve earned that because they’re a ton of fun and they make a great entry-level option for beginners. If you’re new to surfing and still learning, it’s inevitable that your board will hit you. Don’t worry about it though. If it’s soft-topped, your body is going to have an easier time taking such abuse.

Surf A Place Without Many People Around


You’re probably eager to tackle your area’s most popular spots, but you need to consider that such spots are populated by frequent surfers that have likely been coming here for years for the best waves. It’s better to start off somewhere that isn’t so crowded. You’ll catch more waves, and consequently, you’ll improve at surfing far faster than you otherwise would.

Practice Pop Ups


You might look like a dork, but taking a few minutes when still on the beach to practice your pop up can pay off off handsome dividends. Dig little holes into the sand for your board’s fins to sit in to prevent them breaking off, and then lay your board into the sand on the surface. Once it’s in place, lay down on it yourself. The trick to standing up when on a wave is a fluid and fast pop up. Think about it like it’s a really quick yet controlled push up. Get the motion perfected on the beach and the muscle memory will come to you when in the actual surf.

Find A Sweet Spot In Paddling


You’re going to see other beginner surfers who are paddling too far back before doing a wheelie and then proceeding slowly. However, a number of beginners are prone to paddling too far up their boards, which makes their nose poke underwater. So, what you have to do is find a sweet spot near the middle. Once you do, mark it with some wax so you can keep paddling from that position.

Be Ready To Fall Flat


Face up to the fact that you are going to fall. When it happens, falling nice and flat is the best way to avoid injuring yourself. Never dive in headfirst when going off your board. Try flopping onto your back or side. Given the uneven nature of the seafloor, jumping off feet-first is also risky. When you break the surface after a fall, have your hands and arms over your head and in front of your face, since you never know when your board might come roaring back to you.

Enjoy Yourself!


This should be obvious, but it’s still the most critical piece of advice on this list. You’ll wipe out, a lot. You’ll also get in someone’s way a lot. You’ll also look like an idiot some of the time. Still, everyone did that when they started. Want to know who the best surfer in the water is? It’s the one that’s having more fun than anyone else! Don’t overthink it, and remember why you’re out on the water.

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Five Unconventional Surfing Trips To Add To Your Bucket List

Five Unconventional Surfing Trips To Add To Your Bucket List

Five Unconventional Surfing Trips

To Add To Your Bucket List

Bali, Fiji, California, and Australia are among the top destinations that come to mind when most people think about surfing. Simply put, they think of warm, sunny beaches.  While these destinations are definitely world class spots for surfing, there are many other lesser-known, but still great surf spots in the world. If you have ever dreamed of surfing under an Aurora Borealis, trying out river surfing, surfing on a lake, or even riding waves in deserts of the Middle East, the five surf spots below around the world are anything but unconventional and should be a part of your Surf Bucket List.

Eisbach River Surfing


Surfers lineup to catch a ride on a man-made wave on a small channel that runs through the central park in Munich. River surfing on Eisbach has been legal since only 2010, but people have allegedly been doing it since the 1970’s. Eisbach has a wave that is continuously 3 feet in height and 12 feet in width. The non-stop wave and shallow water make it an ideal destination for skilled surfers.

Snaefellsnes and Garour


Iceland is the least place where you would expect to find surfers. However, Reykjavik has a growing surfing community and uncrowded rolling swells that keep you coming for more. Surfers are either dropped at some of the barely touched surf breaks in the world or paddle out between icebergs. The surf might be a bit colder, but it gives other volcanic islands a run for their money.


Wadi Surf Adventure


Al Ain is just about one-and-a-half-hour drive from Dubai and it is one of the top surf destinations in the Middle East. The city is home to the Wadi Adventure, which is an indoor rafting, surfing, and kayaking facility. You can learn how to ride the waves in the largest surf pool in the world while looking out on the burnt landscape of this nation.

Lake Michigan


Sheboygan is known for hosting freshwater surfers. Fall to spring is when the surf season runs and when there are significant waves in Lake Michigan. The smaller waves and much higher temperatures in the summer are great for less experienced surfers to enjoy. Sheboygan is the perfect spot for surfers in the Midwest since it protrudes 5 miles into Lake Michigan with its high winds and bigger waves.



Papatowai is a favorite for big wave surfers in New Zealand since it has consistent waves as well as strong, hollow barrels. You will find some of the biggest waves in New Zealand surfed there. The break is located at one of New Zealand’s Southernmost points, and the break is definitely worth a trip to the bottom of the world.

The Bottom Line

The world is full of places that you can enjoy surfing even though they are not traditional surf zones such as seas and oceans. The five unconventional surf destinations discussed here should be on your bucket list. You are guaranteed to have a good time and memories that last a lifetime if you try the destinations discussed here. Happy surfing!

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