Paddleboarding, The Solution To Surfing With No Waves!

Paddleboarding, The Solution To Surfing With No Waves!

When it comes to watersports, surfing has always been a popular choice. While surfing gives you an experience of its own, you cannot really enjoy it without waves. So what do you do when you find yourselves in calm waters?

Don’t worry, you have enough options to stay busy in calm waters too. There’s swimming, and boating, and kayaking.

Apart from these traditional water activities, one new sport is quickly gaining popularity. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s paddleboarding.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, paddleboarding is something that can give you an experience in calm waters. Let’s take a look at what paddleboarding actually is.

What is Paddleboarding?

According to the Oxford dictionary, paddleboarding is a sport or pastime of lying, kneeling, or standing on a paddleboard or surfboard and propelling oneself forward with a paddle or one’s hand. It can be seen as swimming while lying on a board.paddleboarding surfing

Paddleboarding can be seen as a combination of surfing and kayaking. Similar to surfing, you still have a board under your legs. But in paddleboarding, you don’t need the waves to take you forward. You propel ahead with your own strength.

Though not that popular, paddleboarding isn’t something that originated just yesterday. People have been paddleboarding for thousands of years now. But its more popular version – stand up paddleboarding – did come into the picture just a decade ago. Its origin can be traced back to Hawaii in the late 1900s.

What Equipment Do You need for Paddleboarding?

Whether you are a novice or an expert, getting your gear right is very critical. If you don’t have all the necessary things, there is always a chance of you getting hurt. So first, let us go through all the equipment you need to take up paddleboarding.

Let’s go over the equipment one by one.

• Paddleboard
Ideally, anything that floats can be used as a board for paddleboarding. However, there are some minor little things to keep in mind while selecting your paddleboard.

Your paddleboard should be light in weight. Nowadays, boards made of epoxy, fiberglass, or carbon fiber are readily available. They offer a nice combination of being durable as well as lightweight.

The next critical thing to decide is the size of your board. If your board is too wide or too narrow, it gives you trouble perfecting the technique.

The final thing in the checklist is the cost of your paddleboard. How costly would you like your board to be? The paddleboards available in the market range from 1500 to 3500. You should choose your paddleboard carefully. The choice would primarily depend on your requirement.

Based on the size of the board, there are three different types available:

Stock- The stock type of paddleboards are 12 ft long. These type of boards aren’t that fast in calm water. Also, they are relatively easy to accelerate. So if you are a beginner, this board is ideal for you to learn. However, these boards do pick up speed when in choppy waters.

14 feet- If the stock type boards are relatively slow, the unlimited type boards are made for speed. Paddleboards that are 14 feet in length are right between the two. They are really a class apart and can be termed as perfect all-rounders.

Unlimited- As mentioned above, the unlimited type boards are made for speed. Their size is generally around 16 to 18 ft. Though, they do fall in the class of anything that floats. Everything said, there is no doubt that they are the fastest boards afloat.paddleboarding surfing

• Paddle
Unless you install rockets on your paddleboard, it won’t propel itself. While you can always use your hands to propel, it would be a tiring task. Also, stand up paddleboarding doesn’t allow the luxury of using your hands to propel.

So, having a paddle is equally necessary. The length of your paddle has a great impact on your paddleboarding experience. Too short or too long would result in excess fatigue on your side. Ideally, the length of the paddle should be 5 to 7 inches more than your height.

Also, the paddleboarding paddles are specially designed. They have a peculiar bend right near the blade. It helps in chopping the water easily. But it also makes the paddle expensive.

• Life Jacket / Personal Flotation Device
While it is not a mandatory thing to have, it’s a nice practice to equip yourself with a life jacket. In the worst case scenarios, it will act as your personal flotation device and might just be the difference between life and death.

• Paddleboard Leash
A paddleboard leash is a thing that connects paddlers with their paddleboards. Just like a life jacket, it’s not mandatory to have a leash. But it’s always a good practice to have one. You will find it handy when you fall off your board. After all, no one would want their board to float away from them, right?

Now that you know all the things you need for paddleboarding, let’s get to know the popular destinations where you can do it.

5 Popular Paddleboarding Destinations in the United States:

• Tahoe Lake, California.
The first thing you will notice while paddleboarding at Lake Tahoe is the scenic beauty. The crystal clear water gives you a glimpse of the beautiful reef that hides underneath. While the surrounding snow-capped mountains are a treat to the eyes. Lake Tahoe also hosts the longest inland paddleboarding race.

• Hood River, Oregon.
The Waterfront park at Hood river attracts a number of paddlers around the year. The water there is a bit choppy and provides a different thrill to paddle through those currents.

• Apostle Islands, Minnesota.
It’s normal to paddle through oceans, rivers, and lakes. At Apostle Islands though, you can get a unique experience of paddleboarding through caves. The paddlers are sure to be treated to some amazing views of rock formations.

• Oahu, Hawaii.
When talking about paddleboarding, you can never miss Hawaii, can you? After all, Hawaii is the birthplace of the modern version of paddleboarding – stand up paddleboarding. Whether you like the stormy beaches or the calm rivers, Hawaii offers the best of everything to everyone. If you are looking for the best paddleboarding experience, then you should definitely visit Hawaii.

Not All Surfing Is The Same (Kitesurfing 101 For You Beginners!)

Not All Surfing Is The Same (Kitesurfing 101 For You Beginners!)

The Basics of Kitesurfing

Beaches have always been a popular holiday destination. Some people take a dip in the waters, while some just relax over the sand. Some hop in a boat and go for a ride, while some strap their boards on and play with the tide.

Apart from these basic go-to activities, the one other activity that’s rapidly getting popular is kitesurfing.

For a sport that has just recently garnered attention, around 1999, the kitesurfing market is already estimated at around $250 million annually.

So today, let’s find out some basics about kitesurfing.

What is Kitesurfing?

Anyone going to the beach won’t be a stranger to surfing. If you haven’t done it yet, you have definitely seen others surf. Kitesurfing is no different. All you do is hold on to a kite while surfing. Well, not exactly.

According to the Oxford dictionary, kitesurfing is the sport or pastime of riding on a modified surfboard while holding on to a specially designed kite, using the wind for propulsion. In simple terms, you stand up on a surfboard while a large kite pulls you forward.

The reason why kitesurfing is so popular is its accessibility. Apart from being convenient, it is much less expensive than other water sports. And the best thing, anyone can do it. Yes, you can do it too!

What Equipment Do You Need to Kitesurf?

Kitesurfing isn’t something that you can take up right away. Before you even start training for it, you need to gather the equipment needed for it.

The very first thing you need is a kite. (That was no rocket science, right?) Next, you will need a board, lines, kite control devices, and other minor little things. Niash and Airrush have ruled the kitesurfing market so far. And you will most probably find yourself buying from them too.

Let’s go over the equipment one by one.

• Kite
Generally, any kite large enough to pull you forward can be used. But when you ask a professional, they will give you a list of factors to be considered while selecting a kite.

¬ The ease with which a kite can be relaunched into the air.
¬ It’s ability to handle jumps.
¬ The level of controls it gives over its powers.

Based on the kind of kite you want, there are four basic options to choose from:

Inflatable Kites- They have a permanent crescent moon type shape which will help you to relaunch immediately. But it also has the power to drag you along with it. So these kinds of kites should generally not be preferred while training.

Flat Inflatable Kites (Bow kites)- They are a version of the inflatable kites having a flat bow on the leading edge. The flat bow helps the kite to be easily powered down. And that means you will be getting dragged somewhere else much less often.

Framed Skin Kites- These are the ones with either a graphite or a fiberglass leading edge. They have a rigid construction which makes it tough to launch in the air. You need to have a sufficient amount of practice to master this kite.

Ram Air Foil Kites- These are the most aerodynamic kites and the best ones to look at too. They have no structure or shape. Once in the air, they allow the air to shape them, thus getting the most out of it.

• Board
The kite may pull you forward, but it’s the board that will help you stand. Though there are instances of kite surfers going without a board, having a board is always preferable. Here are the two basic types of boards for kitesurfing:

1. Bi-directional Board. These kind of boards are ideal for doing jumps and tricks. Also known as twin-tip boards, they are very thin in construction. You can get them between $400 to $1000.

Directional Board. These are the boards designed for speed. They are great for going fast even in gentle wind conditions. They may get difficult to control under high winds, but if you’re skillful, you can easily do some tricks with them.

• Lines
The lines used for kitesurfing are generally made of spectra or kevlar. When you are still training, it is advised to use two lines on your kite. And once you master the sport, you can switch to using four or five lines. Generally, the size of your kite and the wind conditions will govern the length of your lines.

• Kite Control Device
This is the most essential thing you should have. This is the thing that helps you maneuver where you want. With inflatable kites, control bars are used generally. While with foil kites, handles are most common.
Apart from direct control, you also need to have brake lines. They help you to slow down your kite or stop it as and when needed.
And before heading out, make sure your control device has a highly reliable safety release feature. You will find it handy when you’re getting dragged on by your kite.

• Other miscellaneous things
Other than the things mentioned above, you will need to be equipped with a harness, wetsuit, water boots, life jacket, and a helmet.

Now that you know all the things you need for kitesurfing, let’s get to know the popular destinations where you can do it.

5 Popular Kitesurfing Destinations in the United States:

• Outer Banks, North Carolina.
If you are looking for some classic and remote beaches, then this is the place for you. With perfect waves and flat-water, you will have an experience of your life kitesurfing in Outer Banks.

• Maui, Hawaii.
Though a bit far, Maui has consistent winds and waves. Add to that the volcanic hikes and kitesurfing at Maui becomes a very pleasurable experience.

• Florida Keys, Florida.
If you aren’t the one for crowds, Florida Keys offers you some nice secluded beaches to enjoy the sport. However, be wary of the sharks when you’re there.

• Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.
The strong and reliable winds add to the natural beauty of Oregon. If you don’t mind a little crowd, this can be a perfect place for you to kitesurf.

• Oahu, Hawaii.
Just like Maui, this can be a little expensive and far. But if you want to witness a great surfing culture, then Oahu would be the place for you.

Skiing vs Snowboarding vs Surfing (Which Is Right For You!)

Skiing vs Snowboarding vs Surfing (Which Is Right For You!)

Skiing vs Snowboarding vs Surfing

Sometimes, it is hard to choose which sport is the best for you. But, that is not an unusual problem among sports lovers. There are many people who would like to try something new and enjoy the fruit of their efforts, but they are not sure how to decide between different yet similar types of hobbies.

Heaving some lines about each might be a very helpful solution for those in need. Here we will try to explain the main point of skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. We will explain what a new sports member might need for training, but also some good, and bad sides for these categories.

What Are the Main Things One May Need for Skiing?

Just like with other specific sports, skiing is the one which makes you hire a coach. It is not good to train by yourself because there are some rules to adopt and it is recommended having somebody with a lot of experience besides you once you want to make the first steps on the skies.

The equipment you should have for a skiing adventure is not simple, so take into the consideration the following items:

• Skis – this is the main part of your equipment because without them there is no chance even to start
• Boots – believe it or not, there are special boots one should have for this sport. There are different types one can use, but if you are a beginner just look for the basic model
• Poles – it is possible to need them at some later stage, while in the beginning there are not standing like an imperative.
• Helmet – don’t forget to protect your head because you never know if you will fall. Besides, they will keep your ears and head warm.
• Goggles – these precious small part of your skiing equipment has a double role. It protects you both from snow and wind at one side, but also from the sun on the other side.

Clothes you use while skiing should be of comfortable materials with high performance. Although we mostly think that cotton is the best choice all the time, that is not the case when you are selecting your favorite pieces for skiing. Materials should be lightweight, but warm. These are some items you might need on your first day:

• Base clothing layer, both for your top or bottom.
• Sweaters – those which are light and specially made for skiing. They are like a mid layer part.
• Socks have to be long and flexible
• Pants are wanted as a waterproof part of your suit
• Jackets should be of a high quality and nice fitting, as they might limit your moves
• Gloves are always necessary, at least one pair of them
• Neck gaiters are last part, but they are equally important for your neck protection

The Main Points About Snowboarding

Snowboarding is also one attractive sport which can give you pleasure but also can cause injuries if you are not careful. Due to specific movements and dangerous rides, you should also have some basic and protective equipment. The following items are more than necessary:

• Snowboard – of course, one cannot even imagine this sport without the main part of the equipment. The base of the board can be extruded or sintered. The board itself can be of a different type, like freestyle made, freeride board or alpine variant of the board.
• Snowboarding boots are very important for snowboarders. One can make their own choice between standard, step-in or hard boots. It is important to emphasize that hard boots are used for alpine snowboarding, while in other cases it is better to have plastic boots as the soft solution.
• Bindings – these parts are something that you can stick to a snowboard and thus help to keep the boots connected to it exactly at the right part. The users also have a wide choice of bindings and there are different types, such as a strap, step-in, and hybrid bindings.

The Miracle of Surfing

Just like before mentioned sports, surfing has its own place in this world. While skiing and snowboarding are sports on the snow, surfing is strongly connected to water, so it is easy for you to decide in which direction to move.

If you are one of those with a passion for the water sports, get ready to take a look over surfing equipment which you might need for your first class. It is important to have the following things:

• Surfboard, as the first and the most important part, which is essential for every surfer
• Wetsuit – this one is necessary due to wet weather. But, it has to be flexible and comfortable to use because you should be able to move in the water.
• A surfboard leash is extremely important for beginners because it helps surfers to stay on board, even when the wind is strong and the waves are unpredictable.
• Surf wax – a type of cover which helps surfers to stay on the board and avoid slipping off it.

While these are the main elements which you have to take with you for your surfing day, it is good to have some additional parts, such as fins, earplugs, boots, gloves, plugs, surf watch, camera, and anything else you might think will be useful on the beach.

Good and Bad Sides of All Sports

Although now you know what is necessary to have for each sport, it might be good to mention at least some good and bad sides which might have an influence on your further decision.

The pros of skiing are:

• It is not hard to learn this discipline
• The risk of injuries isn’t bad, at least according to statistical data. The highest risk is to get into a collision with other skiers and the most common are injuries of the knees or ankles
• You might move up with the lift easily because skiers always go in the same direction
• If you like snow, you will enjoy

On the other side, the cons are:

• You have to admit only slight mountains will be your choice until you are really ready to go on the big boys
• Once you learn it, you will have to pass the heavy task to master it

Snowboarding might offer you:

• Harder first steps, but faster learning and mastering the sport
• Easier handling of pain which comes after the training as you will use both legs at the same time
• The snowy mountains might be your perfect rescue

The bad sides of it are as follows:

• Your legs must stay fixed, so you cannot move one after another
• There is a bit higher level of risk for injuries, and the riskiest include tail bones or hard falls on your hands.
• It is always hard to jump on the lift system because you will have to switch from the riding side to the opposite direction

Surfing might delight you with the following:

• The high-intensity workout will make you feel better after every training
• One can enjoy in the water and waves during the ride
• It will make you have a wider approach to everything that surrounded you

Disadvantages include:

• There is a risk of getting seriously injured if you slip from the board
• Although rare, some surfers meet the sharks
• Surfing is not a cheap sport, and money is sometimes a big problem
• You will spend a lot of time in the sun, under the UV rays

The Final Opinion

Every sport from those we mentioned is a great choice. The only thing you should do is chose which one is the best for you and makes you happy.

Are You Aware of The Latest Trends In Surfing? (20+ Latest Trends)

Are You Aware of The Latest Trends In Surfing? (20+ Latest Trends)

There are always trends going on, whether it’s in music, food, graphic design, fashion, etc. When it comes to sports, we notice there are strong influences from different brands to get more space and promote themselves through sports equipment.

Surfing might not be the best option for promotion all around the world, but it definitely has its own area of interest.

How to Follow Trends

The best way to follow the trends of one industry is to follow what’s happening all around the world. But, is there a way to accomplish that goal without the need to go from one city or the sea to another?

If we exclude collecting information on the Internet, the best way to get all necessary information is to visit international surfing trade shows and find out everything one should know about trends. The biggest fairs follow:

  • Surf Expo – the biggest international surfing trade show in the world takes place in Orlando, Florida. This exhibition has been around for more than 40 years.
  • The Action Expo – takes place in Northfield and has more than 300 brands in one place.
  • The Boardroom – this trade show is a fantastic place for California fans because it takes place in Del Mar. This is the place where surfboard creators are taking place.
  • Japan is giving away its best through Agenda Tokyo, the most important surfing trade show in Asia.
  • Germany also has a high-quality organization when it comes to surfing, so one of the biggest trade shows here is probably Boot Dusseldorf. As one of the biggest exhibitions in Europe, this place is always ready to host more than 1500 exhibitors from different countries.
  • The United Kingdom is promoting new trends of surfing at the National Watersports Festivals. This show is hosted on Hayling Island and there you can enjoy the presentation of more than 30 brands in the world.

These are only some trade shows you can visit, but it doesn’t mean others are less important. Through these channels, you can find the trends for the current year and get new information. But, if you are not in a mood to travel, we will help you with some additional information.

What Are the Newest Products in the Branch?

All gear and surf apparel producers are trying to present something new. Famous brands create new innovations from season to season. Here we will list some of those new things that might become a real hit in 2018. They are designed to be different and give something more to the users, and we should pay attention to the following:

  • New models of surfboards created from the Weber family
  • Carver Electric Surfboard made by Carver is a trending product as a battery-powered surfboard that will give you around 40 minutes of fun on the water
  • Camping can be a real enjoyment in 2018 with new coolers from the Otterbox Venture. With this product, there will be no more problems with food and drink storage while staying outside, even for a full 2 weeks
  • Music lovers will enjoy with new Drifter Android speaker from FresheTech. This waterproof device can bring you more than 8 hours of music experience directly on the water while you are surfing
  • Trending sunglasses are coming from Rheos Eddies. You will need sunglasses even if they are not the hottest brand because they are a must-have for UV protection. Rheos will offer you a floating edition, which is scratch resistant, very light and comfortable to use.

Just like the gear is important, apparel is something that defines a style of a surfer. Both guys and girls are recognizable on the beach, so the trends in this area are very important if you want to be stylish. There are some innovations from well-known brands which came on the scene in 2018 and these are:

  • Spring edition of menswear which Louis Vuitton presented at the beginning of 2018
  • Color-blocked wetsuits are coming in a new form from Demna Gvasalia for 2018, as they are practical and stylish
  • There are many top-quoted fashion pieces which Rihanna dropped out for Fenty Puma at the end of the last season, and they are threading to become a real hit for the new season. Through these series, she promoted new bikini tops for girls, zipper-adorned sporty wear and many other models.

Top Surfing Brands

Although surfing brands are not always the same as fashion brands we know in everyday life, all surfers are familiar with famous names around the globe. There are many influences on this industry, so we will try to mention only the biggest players.

Of course, that doesn’t mean others are less important on the market. Here is a list of great names which surfers like to see on their apparel and gear:

  • Rip Curl – this is a privately-owned company that is Ultimate surfing oriented. It exists since 1969 and during the life-cycle, this brand became one of the most wanted among surfers.
  • Quiksilver – this brand offers both apparel and gear of top quality. They use durable materials and are known for the high performance of all their products.
  • Billabong – this producer is basically oriented on apparel, so they are suppliers of clothing retails. Besides that, they make interesting and trendy like accessories, like backpacks, surfing watches and similar.
  • Volcom – a company that produces other sports equipment beside surfing items. Here one can find the newest models of apparel, but also footwear for sports activities.
  • Hurley – this is an innovative company that takes care of young surfers and their needs. Thus, they constantly improve their products and try to keep up with all the other big players on the market.

These are only some brands which are known by many, but we should use this opportunity to mention others as well including but not limited to RVCA, O’Neill, Vans, Reef, Roxy, Nixon, Channel Islands Surfboards, Critical Slide Society, Dakine, and Patagonia.

Fantastic Destinations Which Surfers Should Visit in 2018

It is not easy to predict places surfers will visit during 2018, but for those who are willing to accept the advice according to the opinion of their sports mates, the following destinations might be a top-notch choice:

  • The Atlantic coastline of Portugal which includes Madeira archipelagos and Azores, together with continental Portugal
  • The coast of Northern Spain in Basque, together with the Iberian Peninsula might be the best place for surfers in Spain
  • Costa Rica is a fantastic choice both for beginners and professionals. If you are keen to visit this country, don’t forget to catch the wave on the Caribbean Coast, as well as the Pacific Coast from almost every side
  • If you are looking for the yearly program with many sunny days, Nicaragua is standing at your disposal. One could have a great time at Playas Maderas, Hermosa or Remanzo. Besides these places, you may also want to visit Colorado, Popovo, Panga Drops or Lance’s Left.
  • The famous Bali in Indonesia is definitely a good choice. Don’t forget to check different beaches like Kuta, Dreamland or Medewi for beginners, while Bingin, Padang Padang, or Uluwatu are a good choice for the more skilled ones.
  • France can offer an enjoyable surfing experience if you catch your wave in Britanny or Lacanau. Hossegor and La Graviere are also beautiful choices.
  • The beautiful Maldives might be one of the best destinations for surfing, as there are many coral islands around, 1,192 of them to be exact. Surfers know that the best areas are Central Atolls, Male Atolls, and South Atolls.
  • The Eastern part of the Earth, Thailand, offers extraordinary views. Phuket is a great place to visit, as it has more than 25 beaches that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding tourists.

Final Verdict

These were only some trends for this year’s surfing guide. It all comes down to personal choices. What you wear, eat, and visit for surfing is solely up to you.

Top 5 Must Haves When Going Surfing (What Not To Forget)

Top 5 Must Haves When Going Surfing (What Not To Forget)

If you are a professional surfer, you might agree it’s hard to create a short list of only five things to pack when you decide to go surfing. While the time you spend on the board gets long, the list will grow. But, for beginners, it is always good to read about the essential things you should have for your first adventure.

Classifying only five things is not an easy job because people have different attitudes about the necessary items to have. However, although some facts we can’t underestimate, we will try to make a short and significant effort in our quest to bring you a thorough list.

Take Care of Your Surfboard

Whenever we hear about those must have things when going surfing, there is only one we all agree to be deemed necessary. Don’t forget your surfboard. Logical, isn’t it? You cannot practice a sport if you don’t have the main gear for it.

The waves sometimes act like we predict, but in some moments the sea is full of surprises. If you bring only one surfboard, and the weather is not what the forecast predicted, you might experience unwanted problems.

Many surfers, with lots of experience, know that the right surfboard is the most important part of their equipment. Thus, don’t be surprised if you see some guys walking around with a few different surfboards at any given time. No, they are not uninformed, they just know the weather can change at any moments notice, so they will use the one which fits best. They only have spare surfboards to use when they need them.

On the other side, surfers who travel have an immense knowledge about where to rent the equipment.

It is up to you to decide which solution is better, but one is certain – no surfboard, no surfing.

Don’t Slip down the Board

Nobody wants to slip off the board in the middle of the sea. Okay, what happens when you can’t avoid a big wave that’ll literally throw you down. But, some surfers that are at new at the beginning fall every few minutes.

Why does this happen?

The answer is simple – they forget to put a surf wax. Although this item might not look important, the truth is the opposite. Without it, your feet will be unstable on the board and even small water movement can make you finish down.

Some users apply surf wax on the big part of the board, while there are some that cover the complete area. The only thing one should think about before an application is the weather. This is what you need to check before buying:

• Traditional, hard surf wax is the one which you can use during hot weather and days with a lot of sun
• Soft wax is one of the newer products out and it stands for an alternative to the hard option which doesn’t give good results in the moments of cold weather. Soft variant works perfectly even with cold temperatures.

Some surfers even use a base-coat wax before they apply the wax over their boards. This is also a good solution which is worth a try.

Cheap, but Necessary Fin Keys

With almost every surfboard you will get a set of fin keys. But, would that be enough to have a high-quality experience on the waves? Probably not, and here we will try to explain why we think that.

Thanks to small keys you will be able to tune your board and its performance. If you stay without the usable kit, you might experience some technical difficulties.

There are two main types of fin keys and these are as follows:

• Glassed-in fins stand secure as part of your surfboard, but they are not easy for maintenance and fast repairs
• Swappable or so-called removable fins don’t necessarily stand directly on the board and one can easily move them into the boxes. The only thing you should pay attention to here is if the screws are tight enough, but not too much

As we mentioned in boxes in an earlier section, we can mention there are also different types available as follows:

• FCS Fin boxes which are known as Fin Control System Boxes, are common in use among many surfers
• Futures fin boxes which have a truss base and are connected to your board with screws. They cover the full length of your board.

First Aid Kit Is Always Necessary

All travelers should have at least a basic first aid kit with themselves. But, when we speak about surfers, it is hard to say they only need a basic kit. Maybe, we can classify a few things in this category and consider it to one unique point. This package could include:

• The real first aid kit – you will need one in case you get reef cuts. It is not rare to get these cuts when you are somewhere over the reefs and thus is better to be prepared because of the strong poison. The wounds should be cleaned fast and precise, soon as you come out of the sea. Make sure to visit a doctor as soon as you can.
• Sun protection – this is not a part of a normal first aid kit. But, those who spend time in the sun should always have this like precaution from the sunburns. It is better to prevent, then to heal. Besides, the UV index is not something one should play with nowadays.
• Insect repellent – it is always good to have one against those pesky bites because they can also create wounds if you irritate your skin too much.

Last but Not the Least

In the end, we will say one should always have money and identification documents. This point might be the most important thing to have because if you have money, you can buy everything we already mentioned above. 

On the other side, depending on where you travel, always bring your passport or ID card. Although this sounds funny, there are many tourists that start a trip without documents and somewhere on the half-way remember they forgot them. You don’t want to be in a similar situation?

In Conclusion

Surfing is fun, but still a very demanding sport. Besides all those things we mentioned that is important to bring with you, there are many others which deserve to find a place in your backpack.

What we would like to emphasize in these last lines of our writing is one very good habit which all travelers should adopt. The same stands for surfers. Try to make a checklist that will cover all the things you might need. While you pack your things, check one by one to be sure everything is in order. This will save you time and help you avoid any trouble.

The good thing is that the list can be changed after each journey and you can add or exclude some items based on your likings. Once you go for it, you will see how easy everything can be and your holiday can turn into a really great time.

Best Ski Resorts In The World (10 Fantastic Getaways)

Best Ski Resorts In The World (10 Fantastic Getaways)

Best Ski Resorts To Visit

Are you one of those people who can’t wait for winter to end to finally take a vacation? Well, a skiing resort could be your next getaway! Before deciding where you want to spend a few days of your precious free time, read about some of the best ski resorts in the world.

The truth is most of them are located somewhere in Europe, particularly in Austria and France. However, good skiing spots are not limited to these countries only as we will discuss some great places around the globe. So pack your bags and get ready for your next vacation!

Jackson Hole – Beautiful Ski Place in the USA

If we start with the United States, one of the most beautiful places for skiing is probably the Jackson Hole in Wyoming. The Grand Tetons region is where real natural beauty lies. This is a perfect place for your skiing getaway. Besides the fact that you can enjoy beautiful ski trails, there are many other things you can do during your stay, which include:

    Snowmobiling in the Jackson Hole

    Enjoying the Jackson Hole Heliskiing

    Visiting Yellowstone national park and snowmobiling

    Dog Sledding with beautiful Huskies

    Visiting National Elk Refuge and sleigh rides

    Paragliding or having a great time during a scenic glider flight

Heading to Canada and Whistler

From the bottom of the Whistler Mountain, somewhere in the Whistler Village, people are looking for a ski lift to take them up somewhere high to enjoy some of the best ski trails in Canada. It is not a secret that many Hollywood stars like to spend their winter holiday here at the resorts. Would you like to try your next ride with some famous singer or actor? If this sounds good to you, then this might be your next trip.

Those who like to combine skiing with other activities can take a look at some additional things to do:

    Ice skating and climbing

    Winter Bungee jumping

    Snowshoeing, snowmobiling and sleigh ride

    Hockey tours or eagle viewing

Skiing Paradise in Argentina

Once you visit Cerro Catedral in Argentina, you might cry when you have to leave. This place is absolutely amazing and famous with students and young people. It is located in Patagonia and represents one of the most beautiful resorts in South America.

All the visitors can enjoy real snowflakes which cover the ski trails because Cerro Catedral has an amazing system for snow-making. Once you’re tired of white paths, you can choose to do something different and spend some time hiking, mountain biking, off-site skiing, sleds and many other activities this place can offer to its guests.

Would You Like to Visit Scotland?

If you want to be somewhere in Europe, but still on the island, Scotland might be a top-notch getaway during the winter time. It is considered one of the best ski resorts in the ski resorts

One of the most popular destinations for skiing in this country is absolutely Aviemore, a pleasant place for people who are really looking for a place where they can find some relaxation. Aviemore is next to Cairngorms National Park, so besides different snow sports, one can spend part of the time in other activities as well. Whether you decide to walk, climb the mountain, ride a bicycle or take your skis for a ride, it is certain the time spent in Aviemore will be one of the best experiences in your life.

A Different View of the World – Borovets

For those who are looking for cheap, but still a fantastic winter holiday, Bulgaria has something special to offer. Beautiful Rila mountain with a ski resort, Borovets is probably one of the best ski resorts where everyone can afford to spend some time.

This is an interesting and live place, with a pleasant atmosphere and wonderful hosts. People are always in a good mood and ready to help you. This makes tourists, particularly happy. Those who want to look a bit around over other nearby resorts we can recommend two of them:

  • Bansko
  • Pamporovo

A Small Country with a Wonderful Ski Area

Slovenia is one of those countries with a small territory, but with a big heart for all visitors. Even in such a small and probably not so famous country, one can enjoy and find a skiing getaway.

If you didn’t know where to look for the winter miracles in this country, start with Vogel. This place is a fantastic choice and represents a part of the national park called Triglav.

Once you finish your daily routine and ski exercise, you can enjoy the night-life, for which Vogel is famous for in the country.

Beautiful Zermatt in Switzerland

The high peaks of the Alps belong partly to Switzerland. If the Alps fascinate you at first sight, then Zermatt is a good choice.

Considered one of the best ski resorts in Europe, this ski resort can be a perfect getaway from people. Here you can enjoy four different ski areas and more than 220 miles of runs. Besides riding over the pistes, you can also spend high-quality time in some mountain restaurant.

Livigno – The Heart of the Alps

As we already said, Alps are one of the most fascinating mountains in the world and Italy is proud to own one part of them. Livigno is located very high in the mountains, on more than 1,800 meters above sea level. Thanks to this fact, it stands for one of the highest mountain resorts in the world.

For those who care about numbers, this resort can serve around 50,000 people in one hour. The good thing is there are many slopes for beginners, so don’t be afraid of the height, this place has something for all of us.

Amazing Slopes of Mont Blanc

Maybe because Paris is the city of love, France is always attractive to different tourists. If you are fascinated with a beauty of French mountains and would like to spend some time during the holidays especially in this country in the winter time, we can recommend that you visit Chamonix.

We all know that Mont Blanc is the highest peak of the Alps, and if you consider it with the beauty of Chamonix Village, it looks like there is no better choice for your winter holiday. Besides skiing, there are many interesting things you should experience once you stay there, and some of them are as follows:

  • Visit Mer de Glace, known as Sea of Ice because it is one of the largest glaciers in Europe
  • Going to Aiguille du Midi and Panoramic Mont-Blanc Gondola
  • Spending time at Museum of Alpine History in Chamonix Palace

Winter in Austria

If winter in the Alps is your dream, and you still don’t know which country to visit and where to stay, Austria might be the best place to offer you some relaxation. It is very hard to choose the right resort because this country has plenty of them. However, this time we decided to pick and represent St Anton winter resort.

This skiing getaway is located in Arlberg region and every year stands out as one of the most wanted destinations in Austria among skiing lovers. With more than 210 miles of pistes and other contents one can enjoy, St Anton is the place we just couldn’t avoid mentioning.

The End Thoughts

This list is not intended to represent the most visited places among the ski resorts but rather some of the best ski resorts around the world.