Best Ski Resorts In The World (10 Fantastic Getaways)

Best Ski Resorts In The World (10 Fantastic Getaways)

Best Ski Resorts To Visit

Are you one of those people who can’t wait for winter to end to finally take a vacation? Well, a skiing resort could be your next getaway! Before deciding where you want to spend a few days of your precious free time, read about some of the best ski resorts in the world.

The truth is most of them are located somewhere in Europe, particularly in Austria and France. However, good skiing spots are not limited to these countries only as we will discuss some great places around the globe. So pack your bags and get ready for your next vacation!

Jackson Hole – Beautiful Ski Place in the USA

If we start with the United States, one of the most beautiful places for skiing is probably the Jackson Hole in Wyoming. The Grand Tetons region is where real natural beauty lies. This is a perfect place for your skiing getaway. Besides the fact that you can enjoy beautiful ski trails, there are many other things you can do during your stay, which include:

    Snowmobiling in the Jackson Hole

    Enjoying the Jackson Hole Heliskiing

    Visiting Yellowstone national park and snowmobiling

    Dog Sledding with beautiful Huskies

    Visiting National Elk Refuge and sleigh rides

    Paragliding or having a great time during a scenic glider flight

Heading to Canada and Whistler

From the bottom of the Whistler Mountain, somewhere in the Whistler Village, people are looking for a ski lift to take them up somewhere high to enjoy some of the best ski trails in Canada. It is not a secret that many Hollywood stars like to spend their winter holiday here at the resorts. Would you like to try your next ride with some famous singer or actor? If this sounds good to you, then this might be your next trip.

Those who like to combine skiing with other activities can take a look at some additional things to do:

    Ice skating and climbing

    Winter Bungee jumping

    Snowshoeing, snowmobiling and sleigh ride

    Hockey tours or eagle viewing

Skiing Paradise in Argentina

Once you visit Cerro Catedral in Argentina, you might cry when you have to leave. This place is absolutely amazing and famous with students and young people. It is located in Patagonia and represents one of the most beautiful resorts in South America.

All the visitors can enjoy real snowflakes which cover the ski trails because Cerro Catedral has an amazing system for snow-making. Once you’re tired of white paths, you can choose to do something different and spend some time hiking, mountain biking, off-site skiing, sleds and many other activities this place can offer to its guests.

Would You Like to Visit Scotland?

If you want to be somewhere in Europe, but still on the island, Scotland might be a top-notch getaway during the winter time. It is considered one of the best ski resorts in the ski resorts

One of the most popular destinations for skiing in this country is absolutely Aviemore, a pleasant place for people who are really looking for a place where they can find some relaxation. Aviemore is next to Cairngorms National Park, so besides different snow sports, one can spend part of the time in other activities as well. Whether you decide to walk, climb the mountain, ride a bicycle or take your skis for a ride, it is certain the time spent in Aviemore will be one of the best experiences in your life.

A Different View of the World – Borovets

For those who are looking for cheap, but still a fantastic winter holiday, Bulgaria has something special to offer. Beautiful Rila mountain with a ski resort, Borovets is probably one of the best ski resorts where everyone can afford to spend some time.

This is an interesting and live place, with a pleasant atmosphere and wonderful hosts. People are always in a good mood and ready to help you. This makes tourists, particularly happy. Those who want to look a bit around over other nearby resorts we can recommend two of them:

  • Bansko
  • Pamporovo

A Small Country with a Wonderful Ski Area

Slovenia is one of those countries with a small territory, but with a big heart for all visitors. Even in such a small and probably not so famous country, one can enjoy and find a skiing getaway.

If you didn’t know where to look for the winter miracles in this country, start with Vogel. This place is a fantastic choice and represents a part of the national park called Triglav.

Once you finish your daily routine and ski exercise, you can enjoy the night-life, for which Vogel is famous for in the country.

Beautiful Zermatt in Switzerland

The high peaks of the Alps belong partly to Switzerland. If the Alps fascinate you at first sight, then Zermatt is a good choice.

Considered one of the best ski resorts in Europe, this ski resort can be a perfect getaway from people. Here you can enjoy four different ski areas and more than 220 miles of runs. Besides riding over the pistes, you can also spend high-quality time in some mountain restaurant.

Livigno – The Heart of the Alps

As we already said, Alps are one of the most fascinating mountains in the world and Italy is proud to own one part of them. Livigno is located very high in the mountains, on more than 1,800 meters above sea level. Thanks to this fact, it stands for one of the highest mountain resorts in the world.

For those who care about numbers, this resort can serve around 50,000 people in one hour. The good thing is there are many slopes for beginners, so don’t be afraid of the height, this place has something for all of us.

Amazing Slopes of Mont Blanc

Maybe because Paris is the city of love, France is always attractive to different tourists. If you are fascinated with a beauty of French mountains and would like to spend some time during the holidays especially in this country in the winter time, we can recommend that you visit Chamonix.

We all know that Mont Blanc is the highest peak of the Alps, and if you consider it with the beauty of Chamonix Village, it looks like there is no better choice for your winter holiday. Besides skiing, there are many interesting things you should experience once you stay there, and some of them are as follows:

  • Visit Mer de Glace, known as Sea of Ice because it is one of the largest glaciers in Europe
  • Going to Aiguille du Midi and Panoramic Mont-Blanc Gondola
  • Spending time at Museum of Alpine History in Chamonix Palace

Winter in Austria

If winter in the Alps is your dream, and you still don’t know which country to visit and where to stay, Austria might be the best place to offer you some relaxation. It is very hard to choose the right resort because this country has plenty of them. However, this time we decided to pick and represent St Anton winter resort.

This skiing getaway is located in Arlberg region and every year stands out as one of the most wanted destinations in Austria among skiing lovers. With more than 210 miles of pistes and other contents one can enjoy, St Anton is the place we just couldn’t avoid mentioning.

The End Thoughts

This list is not intended to represent the most visited places among the ski resorts but rather some of the best ski resorts around the world. 

Learn To Surf (5+ Do’s and Don’ts When First Surfing On The Beach)

Learn To Surf (5+ Do’s and Don’ts When First Surfing On The Beach)

Learn To Surf

Warm weather, beautiful sun, and a gorgeous beach with a lot of sand around you. Sounds like a dream getaway, doesn’t it? Throw in some fantastic tropical bar, and it all sounds too good.

What if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to stay still and stay behind the sunshade? If you are one of those with a restless spirit and ready to catch your own wave, surfing might be the best choice during your days off. But, do you know how to surf?

We agree with the fact that it looks easy and interesting, but those brave individuals who are ready to start learning about surfing should know this is one of the most demanding sports. Throughout this article, we will try to explain some basic rules which all beginners, but also professionals should always bear in mind.

Start with Reliable Gear

For every sport or activity in our life, good gear is something necessary. If you are only a beginner, you might not need extra quality gear when you first learn to surf. But, those who intend to become professionals should think about choosing more durable gear with better performance.

What do you need to learn to surf? These are some of the most important elements one should think about before the first surfing class:learn to surf on the beach

Surfboard – logical, don’t you think? This is the main element to practice this dynamic sport. However, not all surfing boards are the same. Once you look at it, the first thing you will notice is the size of the board. However, soft-top boards are the best choice for beginners. A bigger space on which you are standing will give you more confidence and better balance.
• A wetsuit is not always a binding part of your equipment. If you are going to surf during the summer in areas where the weather is hot, this is not something you must have. The problem comes with colder weather conditions. If you are learning to surf at a specialized school, you might get one from them, but if you are on your own it is better to go shopping.
• Protective helmet – whether you are a beginner or professional, it is always recommended having something to keep your head safe. Those who have experience in this area will say that the number of injuries is always lower if you have protective gear.

Will the Surfing Gear Be Enough?

Are you one of those people who believes everything in life comes easy and can be done without help? If you are, better give up before you even start.

Surfing gear is not enough if you want to call yourself a surfer. When you first learn to surf on the beach or in a water park, a good coach is almost a “must have” rule. Not only will those guys with experience check out if everything is in tip-top shape with your equipment, they will also give you some basic lessons before you even step into the water.

The first advice one will get about this sport is that waxing a board is one of the most important activities before you step on your board. This is not a joke at all. There is a simple reason you need wax and everyone with experience will tell you that is the only protection not to slip off the board.

The Common Mistakes Every Beginner Makes

There are many mistakes one can make when they first learn to surf on the beach. Some of them are a usual sign that a beginner is on the board. There are several protocols to not ignore if you want to enjoy this sport the right way. Here are some things not to do:

• Not wearing any adequate equipment
• Choosing a bad spot for surfing
• Going out during bad weather
• Not knowing basic knowledge about rip currents and techniques on how to get out of danger
• Catching a wave the wrong way or dropping in – which literary means you are stealing someone’s wave
• Standing on the board incorrectly
• Being selfish and not respecting the rules of the locals and surfing ethic

The Risk of Surfing

Although this is one of the more complex sports, as we said in the beginning, it is also something that can give you a lot of pleasure. Here are some tips to remember before going into the water:

• It is possible but very rare to run into a shark.
• You are not obliged to be a professional swimmer to enjoy the waves, but you should know how to swim, just in case the water takes you far from the coast
• While it looks very nice watching others jumping in the waves, try to realize this is not easy and you will have to fall many times before you are ready

Weather Conditions and Importance of the Waves

All surfers know they should catch a wave in the right moment. The common rule is that the waves are the best far from the coast. But, they are influenced by the wind and thus you have to be able to follow natures pattern and think about possible scenarios.

Waves can be of a different size, which surfers express in their own measurements. The power of the wave is something you will begin to understand only after some time into the water. The shape can be hollow or spilling, but it is good to find other expressions for shape as well. Speed and direction of the waves are also very important, so try to learn more about these points.learn to surf

Knowing how to read a surfing forecast will be of great help. For better learning and understanding of weather tips, it is important to learn more about swell, tides, and winds on a specific area where you would like to ride on your board. Geography of the coastline and local terrain is something that you simply must explore and the best way is to ask the local guys.

Learning Levels

If you want to learn this discipline in surf school, it is important to know you should apply for the appropriate level, which depends on your skills and previous experience.

In almost every school you will find the following learning levels:

• Level 1 – Introductory surfing consists of beginner and the introductory part where after some basic lessons on the ground you will also get the first impression of standing on the water
• Level 2 – this one is called intermediate surfing and here you might be able to learn more about catching the waves at the right time, about paddling and staying safe from the back. This level also takes care about so-called “Surf-Code” and popular maneuvers known as the line-up, duck dive, taking off, bottom turn and similar
• Level 3 – here you will learn about advanced surfing techniques. Basic maneuvers, turning within the waves and methods like cut-back, snaps, floaters, and re-entries are only some styles you will be facing through the course
• Level 4 – as this is the highest level of learning we call it competition surfing level. For this level you should be familiar with all basic and advanced techniques, so you can pay more attention to improving your movements on the waves to fine tune everything you already learned. This level can consider radical maneuvers, extensive repertoire or performance, and difficult movements. Through this level, one should build their own surfing style.

Final Verdict

It is obvious that becoming a surfer is not an easy process, especially when you first learn to surf. If you are ready to learn a lot, practice hard and go to into everything not only with your mind but as well with your heart, this might be the best sport for you.