Five Favorite Ski/Snowboarding Resorts In The U.S.

Five Favorite Ski/Snowboarding Resorts In The U.S.

Five Of Our Favorite Ski/Snowboarding

Resorts In The U.S. 

If you love skiing and snowboarding it means that you are a person that loves thrills. The best thing about both of these sports is the fact that they are done in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. The United States has a wealth of destinations for you to enjoy these sports. If you are looking for the best place to hit the snow, here are five of our favorite ski/snowboarding resorts in the United States.

Telluride, Colorado


Telluride offers a balanced range of routes, which makes it a great destination for skiers and snowboarders of different abilities. The treeless bowl is another attractive terrain features for the people that visit this resort. Telluride is a historic town that’s home to the first bank to be robbed by Butch Cassidy. The mountain village where most skiers stay was designed to meet their needs, which means that it is easy to get around on your skis.

Whiteface Lake Placid, New York


Whiteface Lake Placid is a resort that has a range of trails for different skiing abilities. Experts will have the opportunity to ski the highest vertical drop on the United States East Coast. During your visit to the resort, you will find plenty of other winter sports that you can enjoy. The lovely lakes make it the perfect destination for hiking if you love doing this and there’s plenty of restaurants, bars, and a wide range of accommodation here too.

Sun Valley, Idaho


There are a lot of great ski resorts in the United States, but none can match Sun Valley’s rich winter sports history.  This resort as the U.S’ first destination ski resort, with the world’s first chairlifts, where the very idea of the American ski vacation was born.  If you love to ski, you will find a wonderful range of slopes, with amazing snowmaking options as well as the proper equipment to ensure well-maintained ski slopes. It is an upmarket and luxurious resort and offers amazing food and drink as well as plenty of accommodation that is guaranteed to ensure a comfortable stay.

Vail, Colorado


Vail is one of the longest established snowboarding and ski resorts in the United States. It is modeled on the Bavarian mountain ranges found in the European highlands, which gives it an amazing atmosphere. Vail has an impressive range of trails that number 193 and you have 7 official skiing bowls that you can enjoy. If you are a snowboarder looking to hone your skills and/or show off your skills, you will love the Super Pipe.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Jackson Hole recently celebrated 50 years since it first opened as a ski resort. It is still going strong as a popular destination for snowboarding and skiing. The resort is famous for its god level of snowfall each year as well as its challenging terrain. A new fast ski lift has recently been installed and has made a big difference by making it become one of the most popular snowboarding and skiing destinations in the United States.

The Bottom Line

If you have been wondering which skiing/snowboarding destination to try out next, now you have five impressive options to choose from. Each of the destinations discussed here is amazing in its own right and it is up to you to choose the one you find most suitable.   

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Five Unconventional Surfing Trips To Add To Your Bucket List

Five Unconventional Surfing Trips To Add To Your Bucket List

Five Unconventional Surfing Trips

To Add To Your Bucket List

Bali, Fiji, California, and Australia are among the top destinations that come to mind when most people think about surfing. Simply put, they think of warm, sunny beaches.  While these destinations are definitely world class spots for surfing, there are many other lesser-known, but still great surf spots in the world. If you have ever dreamed of surfing under an Aurora Borealis, trying out river surfing, surfing on a lake, or even riding waves in deserts of the Middle East, the five surf spots below around the world are anything but unconventional and should be a part of your Surf Bucket List.

Eisbach River Surfing


Surfers lineup to catch a ride on a man-made wave on a small channel that runs through the central park in Munich. River surfing on Eisbach has been legal since only 2010, but people have allegedly been doing it since the 1970’s. Eisbach has a wave that is continuously 3 feet in height and 12 feet in width. The non-stop wave and shallow water make it an ideal destination for skilled surfers.

Snaefellsnes and Garour


Iceland is the least place where you would expect to find surfers. However, Reykjavik has a growing surfing community and uncrowded rolling swells that keep you coming for more. Surfers are either dropped at some of the barely touched surf breaks in the world or paddle out between icebergs. The surf might be a bit colder, but it gives other volcanic islands a run for their money.


Wadi Surf Adventure


Al Ain is just about one-and-a-half-hour drive from Dubai and it is one of the top surf destinations in the Middle East. The city is home to the Wadi Adventure, which is an indoor rafting, surfing, and kayaking facility. You can learn how to ride the waves in the largest surf pool in the world while looking out on the burnt landscape of this nation.

Lake Michigan


Sheboygan is known for hosting freshwater surfers. Fall to spring is when the surf season runs and when there are significant waves in Lake Michigan. The smaller waves and much higher temperatures in the summer are great for less experienced surfers to enjoy. Sheboygan is the perfect spot for surfers in the Midwest since it protrudes 5 miles into Lake Michigan with its high winds and bigger waves.



Papatowai is a favorite for big wave surfers in New Zealand since it has consistent waves as well as strong, hollow barrels. You will find some of the biggest waves in New Zealand surfed there. The break is located at one of New Zealand’s Southernmost points, and the break is definitely worth a trip to the bottom of the world.

The Bottom Line

The world is full of places that you can enjoy surfing even though they are not traditional surf zones such as seas and oceans. The five unconventional surf destinations discussed here should be on your bucket list. You are guaranteed to have a good time and memories that last a lifetime if you try the destinations discussed here. Happy surfing!

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